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General information
Name:Nucleocapsid protein p7
Cleavage product 4 of Gag polyprotein [Isoform Gag polyprotein]
First appeared in release:Release 3.0 (02/17/2006)
SwissProt: GAG_HV1B1
NCBI (GI): 120827
Source organism:Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (isolate BH10 group M subtype B)(HIV-1)
Sequence length:55
Percent disordered:100%

Native sequence

        10         20         30         40         50         60
         |          |          |          |          |          |

Functional narrative    

Nucleocapsid protein p7 encapsulates and protects viral dimeric unspliced (genomic) RNA. Binds these RNAs through its zinc fingers. The nucleocapsid protein NCp7 of HIV-1 possesses nucleic acid chaperone properties that are critical for the two obligatory strand transfer reactions required for the synthesis of a complete proviral DNA by reverse transcriptase. The first DNA strand transfer relies on the destabilization by NCp7 of double-stranded segments of the transactivation response region (TAR) sequence at the 3' end of the genomic RNA and the complementary sequence cTAR at the 3' terminus of minus strong-stop DNA, the early product of reverse transcription. Nucleocapsid protein p7 is cleavage product 4 of Gag polyprotein [Isoform Gag polyprotein], encompassing a.a. 378-432 of the polyprotein.

Region 1: 1-55

Map of ordered and disordered regions

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Region 1
Type:Disordered - Extended
Location:1 - 55
Region sequence:


Modification type: Native
Structural/functional type: Function arises from the disordered state
Functional classes: Chaperones
Functional subclasses: DNA unwinding
Protein-tRNA binding
Detection methods:
  1. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) (293 K; pH: 5.5; 100% D20; 5.0 mM protein; 600 MHz 'H frequency)

  1. Morellet N, Jullian N, De Rocquigny H, Maigret B, Darlix JL, Roques BP. "Determination of the structure of the nucleocapsid protein NCp7 from the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by 1H NMR." 1992; 11(8): 3059-65. PubMed: 1639074

  2. Summers MF, Henderson LE, Chance MR, Bess JW Jr, South TL, Blake PR, Sagi I, Perez-Alvarado G, Sowder RC 3rd, Hare DR, et al. "Nucleocapsid zinc fingers detected in retroviruses: EXAFS studies of intact viruses and the solution-state structure of the nucleocapsid protein from HIV-1." 1992; 1(5): 563-74. PubMed: 1304355



  1. Azoulay J, Clamme JP, Darlix JL, Roques BP, Mély Y. "Destabilization of the HIV-1 complementary sequence of TAR by the nucleocapsid protein through activation of conformational fluctuations." J Mol Biol. 2003; 326(3): 691-700. PubMed: 12581633


Previous UniProt ID Q9PY17 was permanently deleted and there was no replacement entry for the protein. The entry DP00148 was modified to include full-length Gag polyprotein (not the same as DP00101, which is a different isolate), which includes the disordered region for nucleocapsid protein p7. A cleavage product entry (DP00148_C004) was added.

Previous entry DP00148 has been split into polyprotein (DP00148) and cleavage product DP00148_C004. Disorder is characterized on the cleavage product.

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