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List of all functional classes

This functional classification scheme was based on: Tompa P. "Intrinsically unstructured proteins." Trends Biochem Sci. 2002 27(10):527-33. Review.

Functional classDescription
Chaperones Help other proteins or RNA in achieving proper folded state; prevent protein aggregation; help misfolded proteins to refold.
Entropic chain Function as a result of disorder, often connecting two ordered domains and allow regulation of the distance between them.
Metal sponge Store and help remove/neutralize heavy metals for detoxification.
Modification site Permits protein modification, either by chemical additions or by protease cleavage.
Molecular assembly Assemble, regulate, and stabilize protein complexes.
Molecular recognition effectors Allow the binding of multiple partners with high specificity and low affinity, and is commonly used for signaling.
Molecular recognition scavengers Store and/or neutralize their ligands.
Unknown No experimental evidence supporting or disproving the role of the region in protein function.

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