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Disprot Protein name UniProt Identifier NCBI
DP00272Mu-type opioid receptor [Isoform 1]P35372-1OPRM_HUMAN2851402
DP90111Thermonuclease precursor [Deactivate Replaced by DP00203]P00644P00644673492
DP00010Alpha-S1 casein [Deactivated, replaced by DP00330] P026621070620
DP00331Kappa casein [Duplicate of DP00192] P02668115667
DP00264Major prion protein [Duplicate of DP00187] P04273130913
DP00425Thymidylate synthase [Duplicate of DP00073]P04818P04818220136
DP00056Major prion protein [Deactivate. Replaced by DP00265] P04925200527
DP00258Lupus La protein [Duplicate of DP00229] P05455 
DP90204DNA topoisomerase II [Duplicate of DP00076] P06786 
DP00597Tau protein [Deactivate Duplicate of DP00126] P10636-86754638
DP00572Natriuretic peptides B [Deactivate Duplicate of DP00051] P16860 
DP00577Ribonuclease E [Deactivate Duplicate of DP00207] P21513 
DP00405C-ets-1 protein [Duplicate of DP00111] P27577 
DP00596Alpha Synuclein [Deactivate Duplicate of DP00070] P37840586067
DP00086Cellular tumor antigen p53P04637P53_HUMAN269849759
DP00266Thymosin beta-4 [Replaced by DP00357] P6232814594937
DP00158Ssl1911 proteinP73124P73124_SYNY381670500

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