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Disprot Protein name UniProt Identifier NCBI
DP00588_C010Non-structural protein 5AP27958POLG_HCVH 
DP90204DNA topoisomerase II [Duplicate of DP00076] P06786 
DP00573_C004Protein VP2 [cleavage product 4]P03305POLG_FMDVO 
DP00573_C005Protein VP3 [cleavage product 5]P03305POLG_FMDVO 
DP00743Cold-regulated protein 15bQ9SIN5Q9SIN5_ARATH 
DP006882MDa_1 proteinQ8ISF7Q8ISF7_CAEEL 
DP00747Natriuretic peptides AP01160ANF_HUMAN 
DP00744Ribonucleotide reductase, small chainQ7RIF3Q7RIF3_PLAYO 
DP00745Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomeraseQ7RSH5Q7RSH5_PLAYO 
DP00746PfEMP1 variant 1 of strain MCQ25733Q25733_PLAFA 
DP00748Adapter molecule crkP46108CRK_HUMAN 
DP00747_C002Atrial natriuretic factorP01160ANF_HUMAN 
DP0070512 kDa heat shock proteinP22943HSP12_YEAST 
DP00748_A002Adapter molecule crk [Isoform 2]P46108CRK_HUMAN 
DP00704Growth arrest and DNA damage-inducible protein GADD45 alphaP24522GA45A_HUMAN 
DP00689Dehydrin Rab18P30185DHR18_ARATH 
DP00594Probable nuclear hormone receptor HR38 [Isoform Long]P49869HR38_DROME 
DP00669Seminal plasma protein BSP-30 kDaP81019SFP4_BOVIN 
DP00615_C010Non-structural protein 5A [cleavage product 10]Q9WMX2POLG_HCVCO 

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